The Never – Ending Battle (336)

The Never – Ending Battle

Here’s a reality: You cannot control your subconscious mind. Sensations whip in and out. And it processes hundreds and hundreds of bits of information every moment of every day.

Although you lack control over these unconscious feelings, you’re not completely helpless. As Steve Gutzler, consultant and author of Emotional Intelligence for Personal Leadership, shares, “There is a 24/7 battlefield for your mind — your thoughts. Be intentional, control your thoughts and what you put in mind.”

No, you have no control over the internal workings of your mind and what subliminal cues it takes from the world. You do, however, have complete control over what you put into it. You can choose to fill your mind with positive thoughts and aspirations. You can choose to associate with uplifting people. You can choose what you listen to and read. And, you can choose to rationalize away dark thoughts.

There is a never-ending battle within your mind. Do all you can to allow positivity to win.

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