The White Knight

Wouldn’t this be great? You meet that person who just reeks of success at a networking event (or just out-and-about). After a short conversation, you hit it off and this person takes you under their wing – feeding you all sorts of great business referrals, valuable information and wonderful business contacts.

Admit it, when you head out amongst others, this is a hope. Here is the reality: Everyone has this same aspiration – a white knight coming along to rescue them from the struggles of business (and there are lots of struggles in business).

So if everyone is busy looking (or at least, hoping) for the White Knight, no one is actually the White Knight. Hmmm? Sort of makes you feel silly, huh?

Now, none of this is to suggest that you stop networking or attending networking events. It does suggest that you ought to stop looking (or hoping) for the White Knight.

But here is a thought, rather than looking for the White Knight, why not become the White Knight? Think about it. When you head out to the next networking event (or whenever), rather than looking for something, be the one giving it. Focus on being the source of great referrals. Share valuable business information. Be the connector of business contacts.

Do you know what the neat things are about this change of approach? First, you set yourself apart. As everyone else is looking for the White Knight, you are the White Knight. That makes you unique and special.

Second, as everyone else is looking for a White Knigh, they are in reality looking for you. Sounds neat, huh? And if you consistently carry this persona, in time you become known as “that special person” and then everyone wants to meet you.

Finally, as you serve your role as the White Knight (providing referrals, information and contacts), you inspire others to want to give back to you – referrals, information and contacts. You see, as humans we are hardwired to help those who are helping us. So as you help others, they are compelled by tens of thousands of years of conditioning to help you in return. In essence, as a White Night you will ultimately get what you were hoping for when you were trying to find one.

So next time you venture to that networking event (or any time you are interacting with others), throw shoulders back, raise your chin and embark upon it with heroic confidence. You are here to say the day. Find someone and make their day. Remember you are the White Knight.

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