AmSpirit Rx (Three Simple Steps To Networking Success)

Any networking event and every networking experience can and should be a positive and productive one, both personally and professionally. Here are three simple steps for ensuring that

(1)    Focus On Giving:  While “getting” is why you network, you will find that giving to others is the best way to achieve that.

(2)    Know & Be Known:  As people prefer to associate with those they know, like & trust, take the time to get to know and be known by those you encounter.

(3)    Get Involved:  Do not just hang out in your network – get involved.  Attend functions.  Socialize.  Volunteer time.  Meet and greet people.  These things will raise your level of exposure.

Remember that your success in networking is not simply a function of knowing people.  Rather it is a function of what you do with the people you know.

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