“Turbo Charge Your Marketing With This Idea…”

A great way to study and learn about direct marketing is to respond to lead generating ads for information products. When you do, you could learn how other marketers format, price and respond to requests, as well as other very important aspects of marketing.You want to look at that mail-piece that you received and figure out what gave you the incentive and the initiative to spend your money and order the product. This will help you to understand what you can do to get your target market to respond to your offers.Also, think about other products you may have purchased in the past. This is a great way to educate yourself at almost no cost.

So always check other lead generating resources that come via your email or regular mails; don’t be too quick to dump them. There may be hidden treasure in that “junk”.

This tip was taken from Ken Varga’s e-book, “121 Tips Techniques and Ideas To Explode Your Marketing Campaign Results”. You can download all of Ken’s tips for FREE by going to this link: www.kenvarga.com/nj.html . Just give Ken’s FREE e-newsletter a try and you’ll be given immediate access to download the 121 Tips e-book.

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