Who Is Your Networking MVP?

Who is the most valuable person in your network?

Is it that person with that you can rely on to always be self-assured and optimistic no matter the situation or circumstances?

Or, is it that person who is predisposed to contributing to the world around them, every watchful for that opportunity to give or lend a hand?

Or, is it that person who endeavors to always be fair, always be honest and always do the right thing no matter what it means for them?

Or maybe, is the most valuable person in your network that person who is a combination of all three – a confident presence, a generous disposition and an unwavering integrity?

Who is the person you can count on unequivocally? Who is the person you that accounts for the most? Who is your networking MVP? Think about it …

One thought on “Who Is Your Networking MVP?

  1. This book – "The Champion" – is a must read for anyone who does networking. It is easy to read (business fable) and has an excellent message.I was (and probably still am a little) like Jerry was at the beginning of the book.Jerry will help you find the "champion" in your network.

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