Why Sell Only One Product

Never try to sell two separate products at once. This is definitely a no-no. When you do that, you are asking the prospect to make too many decisions. Too many decisions cause confusion. A confused prospect does not buy.

Once you have gotten prospects to respond and order, then and only then can you back-end another product to them. (For those of you new to the term, “back-end” means the products or services that come after the initial purchase.) In other words, once they become a customer, then you can try to sell them something else; not before.

“But”, you say, “how about having a listing of my many products on a single web page on my site?” “Should I have a separate web page for each?”

My answer is that it depends. I think it’s ok to show several products on a single web page. But in the sales process of a product, you should send the prospect to a landing page where his decision making will be about that product only; not about which to buy. If your ad or promotion sends the prospect to a display of all your other products, you complicate the buying process for the prospect and he’s less likely to buy.

So make sure that any particular sales promotion you are running relates to one and only one product for that promotion.

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