AmSpirit Rx (Work FOR The Room)

When you head out to that next networking event, forget about working the room – you know roaming around glad-handing, distributing your business cards and generally trolling for business. This seldom works, unless you are intent on being annoying.WHY JUST BE IN THE NETWORK WHEN YOU CAN OWN THE NETWORK?

Instead, try working FOR the room. Be a facilitator of conversation amongst less outgoing people. Introduce other people you have just met to people you have known for years. Find out how you can help someone and take action on that. Share useful information about other events and happenings.

When you work for the room, you will transform yourself into a superhero of sorts. People will actually welcome seeing you at events. Try it and see what happens.

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2 thoughts on “AmSpirit Rx (Work FOR The Room)

  1. Thanks for the great reminder! Too often we get wrapped up in networking for ourselves. Trying to engage with others from a "How may I help you?" standpoint makes much more sense, as well as a potential new friend.

  2. Timely information! Two big Mega-Networking events in the DFW over the next couple of weeks so this will be helpful.Also, there is great power in the introduction even if all three people are relative strangers. Having just met you I still provide a good link to another person I met early at the event. The fact that I now introduce two people makes each of them seem more valuable in their own eyes and I gain some credibility.Winners all around.

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