AmSpirit Rx (“Working” The Room)

In his book, The Fine Art of Networking, Andrew Chiodo, a personal branding and public relations expert, shares his thoughts on “working the floor:”

“Try positioning yourself in the neighborhood of a person you want to meet. Once you establish eye contact, you have a chance to introduce yourself. Do so quickly, offer a card and ask for one in return.”

Give it a try … you will find that it is effective.


Consider a franchise with AmSpirit Business Connections.

• Highly Affordable, With A Great ROI … And,
• Dovetails With Existing Business or Profession … And,
• Enhances Your Professional Presence Within The Community

Contact Frank Agin ( or visit for details.

This not for you, but someone else … refer someone that franchises and we will pay you $4,000.00.

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