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Current Chapter Vacancies

Below are some of the current vacancies available in our Chapters.

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Chapter Region Vacancy 1 Vacancy 2 Vacancy 3 Contact
Mass B2B AmSpirit Mass Business Banker HR Business Broker Contact Us
Worcester AmSpirit Mass Financial Planning Insurance CPA (Accounting) Contact Us
Summit Business Network Greater Akron-Canton, Ohio Handyman Service Contact Us
North Canton Vikings Greater Akron-Canton, Ohio Attorney - Estate Planning Mortgage Lending-Res & Comm Accounting & Tax Contact Us
VIB Connections Greater Cleveland, Ohio General Contractor Handyman Service Business & Personal Coach Contact Us
Medina Tri-County Networking Group Greater Cleveland, Ohio Attorney Banker Trade Professional Contact Us
Arlington Greater Columbus, Ohio Commercial Cleaning Commerical Lending Business Executive Search Contact Us
Atlas Greater Columbus, Ohio Financial Planner Financial Planning Commerical Lending Business Contact Us
Buckeye Greater Columbus, Ohio Handyman/Remodeling Electrician Commercial Banking Contact Us
Business Affinity Greater Columbus, Ohio Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Banking CPA Contact Us
City Center Greater Columbus, Ohio Attorney Financial Advisor Dog Training Contact Us
Columbus Greater Columbus, Ohio Financial Planning Accounting - CPA Commercial Lending Contact Us
Pinnacle Greater Columbus, Ohio Financial Planner Financial / Life Insurance Remodeling/Handyman Contact Us
Port Columbus Greater Columbus, Ohio Home Improvement Contracting Business & Personal Coach Home Inspection Contact Us
Pulsar Greater Columbus, Ohio Accounting Heating and Cooling Security Services Contact Us
Towne Centre Greater Columbus, Ohio Financial Advisor Plumber Roofing & Handyman Contact Us
Hilliard Station Greater Columbus, Ohio Accounting - CPA General Contractor Printing, Signage, Promotion Contact Us
Golden Bear Greater Columbus, Ohio CPA (Accounting) Home Inspection Chiropratic Contact Us
Big Walnut Greater Columbus, Ohio Attorney General Contractor Contact Us
Pataskala Greater Columbus, Ohio Mortgage Banking Attorney - General Business Title Company Contact Us
Lewis Center Greater Columbus, Ohio Attorney - Estate Planning Accounting (CPA) Title Co. Contact Us
Power X Greater Columbus, Ohio Mortgage Lending CPA Attorney - Estate Planning Contact Us
Delaware Connectors Greater Columbus, Ohio Accounting - CPA Attorney Chiropractor Contact Us
Brio Greater Columbus, Ohio Accounting & Tax Banker Attorney Contact Us
Greater Scottsdale Greater Phoenix, Arizona Business Banking Pools & Spas Plumber Contact Us
Cranberry Township Greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Accounting / Bookkeeping Cleaning Services Handyman/Remodeling Contact Us
Wexford Greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Handyman/Remodeling Dog Training Golf Professional Contact Us
Pittsburgh North Greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Tree Service Staffing Chimney Services Contact Us
Business Link McCandless Greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Mortgage Broker Photographer Roofing Contact Us
Beaver County Greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Credit Union Tree Service Lanscaping/Lawn Services Contact Us
Rock Region Business Builders Southern Wisconsin Accounting Mortgage Lending Real Estate Contact Us