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Meet new people and make new connections at this upcoming networking event.

Annual Leadership Conference - National     (Area Wide Event)

The purpose of the annual AmSpirit Business Connections Leadership Conferences is to help Directors and Chapter leaders learn and develop so that they can lead more fulfilled lives, enjoy more profitable businesses, as well as inspire a more productive Chapter experience for their fellow members.

This year’s Leadership Conference program will focus on helping you to:

1) Better understand the value of the AmSpirit Business Connections structure, system, and process;
2) Tap into relevant human psychology to become more competent at building lifelong, productive habits; and
3) Utilize validated research to ensure that existing expectations drive greater results.

Use the link below to complete a Google Form. Then a day or two prior to the conference, we will send you program materials, the ZOOM link, and any other relevant information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is only for serious members, who can not just commit the time, but who are also eager to learn and committed to sharing with other attendees as well as their fellow Chapter members. While participants will meet other wonderful leaders from around AmSpirit Business Connections (and those connections naturally drive business), that is not the primary intent of the Leadership Conference.

Date and Time
Saturday, February 6, 2021 10:00 AM Eastern
Location Region
ZOOM (Register 1st Via The Google Form) All Regions
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