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Barrancas Wreathes Across America REMOVAL     (Area Wide Event)

Volunteer for Wreath Removal:

In December of 2021, we put thousands of wreaths down. On this date, we are asked to assist in picking them up.

Please note, you have to be driving with someone with a DOD ID to get onto the base. Please find a fellow member or friend that would like to also assist and carpool to get people on to the base. It's not hard, just we don't want you to miss out because you couldn't get onto the base.

Security: Access to the cemetery on January 15, 2022, will be available to DoD ID holders and those riding with them. Others with base passes will be admitted, but all car riders must have a similar ID - A driver's license is not enough.

COVID: Volunteer coordinators will help disperse volunteers to preserve social distancing.

Volunteer Registration: We will not be registering or directing volunteers for removal. Go where you see wreaths and begin removing them to the nearest cemetery road. This is a rain or shine event.

Schedule: Pick-up of wreaths begins at 8 AM on both the new and old sides and continues until completed.

Handling Wreaths: Handling live wreaths can be prickly and sticky. Consider gloves and long sleeves. Please bring pick-up trucks to transport the wreaths to dumpsters on both the new side near the administration building and the old side behind Public Works parking (see Dumpster Map). A broomstick or other long rod is useful for carrying the wreaths. Do not remove anything from a grave except WAA wreaths. When offloading, stay in your vehicle until the vehicle in front of you has departed the dumpster area.

Wreath Disposal: Six Dumpsters will be supplied by ECUA at no charge to the cemetery and positioned at points designated by the Cemetery Director (see Dumpster Map Below).

Date and Time
Saturday, January 15, 2022 8:00 AM Central
Location Region
Barrancas National Cemetery
1 Cemetery Rd
Pensacola, FL 32508
Emerald Coast
Additional Details
Cost: Zero Cost