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Various friends and members of AmSpirit Business Connections have contributed the following articles have been to aid in our personal and professional development. These articles are both educational and insightful in areas related to marketing, networking, building interpersonal relationships, management and leadership. We have provided them here to assist you in becoming more effective as a member of AmSpirit Business Connections as well as directly benefiting you in your chosen profession or career.

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A Referral MachineThe Power of Structured Networking GroupsFrank AginNetworkinginsight_1.pdf
ABC's Of Asking For ReferralsThe ABC's Of Asking For ReferralsFrank AginNetworkinginsight_11.pdf
Checklist For A Productive Month Of NetworkingA checklist to help you commit to doing the things that will ensure you develop and maintain a productive network.AmSpirit Business ConnectionsNetworkinginsight_10.pdf
ConverseProductive, long-term professional relationships usually start with a great initial verbal exchange. As a result, much is riding on that first conversation. The key to a great conversation, however, is not in what you have to say, but rather in what you gFrank AginRelationship Developmentinsight_18.pdf
Convert Some Social Capital Into Cash...We would like (and are willing to pay for) your assistance in identifying and meeting suitable franchisee candidates for our popular structured networking program...see pdf for details.AmSpirit Business ConnectionsOtherinsight_9.pdf
Creating A Referral MachineOverview of the three-step process: 1. Establish Relationships 2. Empower the Network 3. Employ Ongoing CommunicationNetworkingCreating A Referral Machine Overview.pdf
How To Stand OutCompetition is good, but competition can be a challenge as well. Knowing this, however, the question is "How do you meet this challenge?" Answer this question for yourself and then see what other members say.Marysville Chapter Marketinginsight_17.pdf
Make The Most Of That MembershipTo Take advantage of the opportunity and reap the benefits of membership, you need to undertake seven simple (but essential) actions.LeadershipMake The Most Out of Any Membership- Flyer.pdf
Tune Into All Of ThisAmSpirit Business Connections is the networking equivalent of a full cable package.Frank AginNetworkinginsight_20.pdf