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Establishing a Chapter

AmSpirit Business Connections is a national organization that establishes select groups of highly qualified men and women, one in each business category, who join together for the primary purpose of helping each other succeed by networking through the exchange of qualified business referrals. Unfortunately, you may not have the opportunity to participate in AmSpirit Business Connections because there is no Chapter in your area or your business category is filled in the AmSpirit Business Connections Chapter in your area. If this is the situation and you are interested in participating in AmSpirit Business Connections, you should start your own Chapter. Although this involves more effort than joining an existing Chapter, there are benefits to starting a new Chapter of AmSpirit Business Connections, which includes:

  • Membership: As an engineer of a new Chapter, you are assured of Charter membership in AmSpirit Business Connections.
  • Exposure: As a Charter member you have greater exposure because you have the opportunity to meet all prospective members (i.e., Chapter guests) whether or not they join AmSpirit Business Connections - which serves to further expand your network.
  • Perceived Leader: Rather than being a "face in the crowd" of an existing Chapter, your role in creating a new Chapter casts you as a leader - which serves to enhance other's confidence in you.
  • Custom Built: Rather than having to accept the characteristics of an existing Chapter (member composition, meeting time, meeting location, etc.), you are able to construct a new Chapter according to your specification.

Checklist for Starting a Chapter

  • Review Information Completely review the information provided.
  • See It In Action Attend a meeting of an existing Chapter of AmSpirit Business Connections, if possible.
  • Core Members Find 3-4 other core members that are interested in assisting you in launching a new Chapter of AmSpirit Business Connections.
  • Name & Geographic Location Determine a general geographic location and name for your Chapter.
  • Meeting Location Generally restaurants (however, do not rule out hotels or libraries) make great meeting locations, especially those with a separate meeting room.
  • Breakfast or Lunch Determine whether the new Chapter will be a breakfast or lunch Chapter. And on what day (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday) the Chapter will meet.
  • Base Membership The number of business categories that are successful in AmSpirit Business Connections is limitless.
  • General Interest Set a goal of at least 40-50 prospective visitors to the first meeting. If you have 40 people that GUARANTEE they will be there, 20 might show. It's important to confirm their attendance. Set it up as a "reservation" for the first meeting. Then, call them a few days before the first meeting as a final confirmation.
  • Launch the Chapter There is only one chance to have a first meeting - treat it like a grand opening. Your AmSpirit Business Connections representative will assist you in publicizing the meeting and will be on hand to conduct this initial meeting (as well as the next 11 meetings).