In Memoriam Chapter


In Memoriam Chapter

It’s an uncomfortable reality. One day, we all die. Unfortunately, over the years, we’ve had members of AmSpirit Business Connections who’ve passed while still active members. Some met with tragic accidents. Others succumb to ailments. But they were all contributing members until the very end. And so, this eternal Chapter is a tribute to them.

Denise Pitcher (Huntley Superior Performers) September 2023

William Corns (Peak Performers Chapter) June 2023

Tom Novak (Towne Centre Chapter) September 2022

Mark Rankin (North Scottsdale BC Chapter) August 2021

Don Ebner (Summit Business Network Chapter) May 2021

Becky Tylka (Hall of Fame Chapter) August 2019

Kim Davis (Buckeye Chapter) August 2019

Jacci Adams (Hall of Fame Chapter) April 2019

Rick Shantery (Arlington Chapter) September 2016

Ed Petrosky (Montgomery Chapter) August 2014

Patty Boerger (Heritage Chapter) March 2014

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The POWER of Qualified Business Referrals…

We talk every week about the vital aspect of AmSpirit Business Connections — the QUALIFIED Business Referral! What makes them better than a friend handing your business card to someone for you or writing your number on a napkin and telling the friend to call you? Here’s the difference…

P – It is PERSONAL. We each get a person’s information and pass it on to each other with the process that the contact comes from us to the perspective customer, not the other way around.

O – It opens the best OPPORTUNITY for you to make contact since the customer is waiting for your call.

W – It sets you up for the WIN. When you are calling the customer who has been given your name and told you will call, there is an increased chance of sales success.

E – It is more EFFECTIVE. Frankly, our referrals are just way better than one you get at a cocktail party. They have legs!

R – It gives the incentive of RESPECT for the other member who has trusted you with the referral. Your follow-through honors the effort they have made for you.

This articles was provided by Brian Robertson, Area Director (Greater Columbus Region). You can reach him at