1-2-1 Consultation

Enrolling with this program entitles you to four (4) 60-minute sessions with Frank Agin to discuss and receive guidance on professional relationship and business networking topics that are personal to your situation, including (but not limited to):

  • Helping you to understand the role of professional relationships to your success.
  • Ensuring that you undertake the appropriate actions to best benefit from the relationships that shore up your career or profession;
  • Working with you to ‘game plan’ on professional networking best practices to ensure that you grow your business or profession as well as advance your career;
  • Guiding you to ensure that you best positions yourself to receive quality referrals.

This will also include reasonable ongoing e-mail interaction to answer questions, provide support and encouragement, as well as help keep you accountable so that you realize greater success.

PLUS, you are ALSO entitled to quarterly 90-minute ZOOM Workshop sessions as well as unlimited access to the Premium Content Library during your enrollment in the 1-2-1 Consultation program. See those subscription levels for more details.

If needed, sessions beyond the initial four within the year are only $425 per 60-minute session. Sessions independent of this package are $500 per 60-minute session.

NOTE: There is also a seven (7) day trial to the Premium Content Library. 

ALSO NOTE: Once the seven (7) day trial has ended and you’re enrolled and engaged in the program, there are NO REFUNDS of monies.

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