AmSpirit Business Connections, Inc.

Member Accolades

Crosswoods Chapter

Date: October 12, 2014

Summary: We Lift Ourselves Best, When We Serve To Lift Others First

Description: The dust has finally settled on the Thanksgiving season and the tally is in. This year, through the efforts of the Crosswoods Chapter, central Ohio members of AmSpirit Business Connections collected and contributed 1,454 food items with an estimated cost of $2,416.65 the Bryon Saunders Foundation - One Meal At A Time program, according to Brian Wollenberg, its founder and member of the Worthington Chapter of AmSpirit Business Connections.
According to Wollenberg, "If you are wondering is that good, the simple answer is Yes -- very good. That would be putting it lightly." He then added, "The potential is there for honestly a lot more, which is very exciting. Thank you to the Crosswoods Chapter for really promoting it. This is basically what happens when you give somebody the opportunity and they use the opportunity to their fullest."

To learn more about the Byron Saunders Foundation or how you can benefit its One Meal At A Time program, can contact Brian Wollenberg at or 614-554-0816.