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Networking Rx: Great Tips To Help Introverts Network More Effectively

No doubt, networking can be challenging for introverts. But like with any challenge, some strategic approaches and a bit of practice can help any introvert become more effective – possibly more effective than their extroverted friends. This episode will contain some tips for helping even the most introverted breakthrough to networking success.

The program will run for no more than 30 minutes. You can see the broadcast by going to the LIVE LINK:

If you miss this live program, you can find a replay by going to Frank Agin’s LinkedIn profile ( and looking at recent posts.

You can also view it (as well as prior programs) by subscribing to the Networking Rx content platform at

This is NOT an AmSpirit Business Connections Area Wide Event for purposes of the Outstanding Chapter Program.

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Monday, October 16, 2023 10:30 AM Eastern
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LIVE on LinkedIn & Facebook All Regions
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