The POWER of Qualified Business Referrals…

We talk every week about the vital aspect of AmSpirit Business Connections — the QUALIFIED Business Referral! What makes them better than a friend handing your business card to someone for you or writing your number on a napkin and telling the friend to call you? Here’s the difference…

P – It is PERSONAL. We each get a person’s information and pass it on to each other with the process that the contact comes from us to the perspective customer, not the other way around.

O – It opens the best OPPORTUNITY for you to make contact since the customer is waiting for your call.

W – It sets you up for the WIN. When you are calling the customer who has been given your name and told you will call, there is an increased chance of sales success.

E – It is more EFFECTIVE. Frankly, our referrals are just way better than one you get at a cocktail party. They have legs!

R – It gives the incentive of RESPECT for the other member who has trusted you with the referral. Your follow-through honors the effort they have made for you.

This articles was provided by Brian Robertson, Area Director (Greater Columbus Region). You can reach him at

AmSpirit ReWard!


AmSpirit ReWard!

Growing AmSpirit Business Connections just got a little more ReWarding!

How this works!

Its simple.  Every time you refer a new member to AmSpirit Business Connections, you get a ReWard! Credit.  Accumulate 3 ReWard! Credits and you get to choose 1 (one) memento from a selection of various items. (which items do change from time to time.  Some items are limited) Accumulate 3 more ReWard! Credits, choose another item…and so on.  See Below for the Official Rules and Regulations.

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AmSpirit ReWards Official Rules and Regulations

  1. Every time you refer a new member to AmSpirit Business Connections, you get a ReWards! credit.
  2. Accumulate 3 ReWards! credits and you get to choose a memento from a selection of various items.
  3. Each time you accumulate 3 AmSpirit Rewards! credits you will get to select one of our various AmSpirit ReWards! Items.
  4. To get credit for referring a particular member your name must be specified under the “How did you hear about AmSpirit Business Connections?” section of the New Membership Application & Agreement.
  5. AmSpirit ReWards! credits do not accumulate for members reinstating their membership with AmSpirit Business Connections. The member referred must be a new member to the organization.
  6. AmSpirit ReWards! are not transferable to other members or others transferring into a corporate or individual membership.
  7. We will notify you of your ReWards! through the email address we have on file.
  8. AmSpirit ReWards! referral credits never expire and they carry over from year to year until the program ends or you as a member leaves AmSpirit.
  9. Prizes and awards can change at any time without notice.
  10. This promotion will continue at the discretion of AmSpirit Business Connections. If terminated, 90 days notice will be provided to the membership.
  11. AmSpirit ReWards! credits or prizes cannot be redeemed for cash or as a credit against current or outstanding Quarterly Dues.
  12. Once 3 credits are accumulated and you have been notified, you have 30 days to make your selection.

In Memoriam Chapter


In Memoriam Chapter

It’s an uncomfortable reality. One day, we all die. Unfortunately, over the years, we’ve had members of AmSpirit Business Connections who’ve passed while still active members. Some met with tragic accidents. Others succumb to ailments. But they were all contributing members until the very end. And so, this eternal Chapter is a tribute to them.

Denise Pitcher (Huntley Superior Performers) September 2023

William Corns (Peak Performers Chapter) June 2023

Tom Novak (Towne Centre Chapter) September 2022

Mark Rankin (North Scottsdale BC Chapter) August 2021

Don Ebner (Summit Business Network Chapter) May 2021

Becky Tylka (Hall of Fame Chapter) August 2019

Kim Davis (Buckeye Chapter) August 2019

Jacci Adams (Hall of Fame Chapter) April 2019

Rick Shantery (Arlington Chapter) September 2016

Ed Petrosky (Montgomery Chapter) August 2014

Patty Boerger (Heritage Chapter) March 2014

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Attention: Important Meeting

Attention: Important Meeting

Sound advice for successful networking is to treat each and every encounter with others as if it were an important business meeting. Why? Because it is.

Any person you have the chance to interact with has tremendous potential. Each and every one is a gateway to other useful contacts. They are the key – whether direct or indirect – to lots of referrals. And they are conduits to information sources that can take you to new heights.

While they may never say it (or even know it), these people believe that you will treat their contacts, referrals and information sources the same way you treat them.

So, do yourself a huge favor; treat everyone with kindness and respect. Be attentive when others speak. And make them feel as if they matter. Because they really do.

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197) A Million Dollars Is Hanging In The Balance

How would you conduct yourself if a million dollars were hanging in the balance? In other words, if you knew that a contact or business encounter would lead to a seven-figure payday, how would you act? What would you say? Who would you be?

You’d certainly be professional and on time. You would be attentive, courteous, and reverent. In short, you’d put forth the very best version of yourself.

Guess what? In every moment of every day and with every encounter, a million dollars is hanging in the balance. It’s true. That meeting with the new client? Absolutely. The vendor making a delivery? You bet. That “cold” call that interrupts your day? Yep!

You see, with every encounter you’re dealing with at least one other. And that “one other” knows countless more. Over time, this builds to a very real potential of a seven-figure payday. So, act accordingly. A millions dollars is hanging in the balance.

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Words Of Wisdom: The Chapter Sandwich

If the meat of AmSpirit Business Connections is the weekly Chapter meeting, then consider time before and after the meeting as the bread.

This bread is important to overall success in AmSpirit Business Connections. While much of the weekly meeting is scripted, the unscripted time before and after the meeting gives you a wonderful opportunity to build relationships with fellow members.

So when you are locking down time in your schedule for your weekly Chapter meeting, remember to make it a sandwich – carve out some time before and after to cohort with members and guests.

Why Would You Not?

Within AmSpirit Business Connections, we empower and encourage our Chapters to follow a system. The meeting has a structure. Officers have defined roles and scripted text. There is well-established performance tracking and reporting of activity,

including referrals, guests brought and attendance.

Those Chapters that closely follow the system do much better than Chapters that tends to “wing it.” In plain English, members in Chapters that follow the system consistently generate more and better referrals and as a result, they make more money from their AmSpirit Business Connections experience as compared to members in Chapter that loosely follow the system.

Given this, why (why, why) would a Chapter not choose to do all it could to closely adhere to the system?

NOTE: A great test as to how closely a Chapter adheres to the system is the Outstanding Chapter program criteria.

Become A Pig … Networking Group Commitment


If you consider a good breakfast – a “bacon-n-eggs” breakfast – there are two farm animals providing for the meal … a chicken and a pig. Of the two, which has a bigger participation? Answer: The pig.

No doubt, the chicken “contributes” to the feast, as she provides the eggs. The pig, however, is “all in,” giving its very life for the spread.

Attorney, David Jackson, of the Business Affinity Chapter and partner at the firm of Carlisle, Patchen & Murphy, uses this quick anecdote as a means for making a point to his Chapter. Jackson reminds his fellow members that if they want a great Chapter, they need to build the Chapter with “pigs” – totally committed entrepreneurs, sales representatives and professionals.

This is a great lesson for everyone in AmSpirit Business Connections. In the context of this little fable, to create great Chapters we should all strive to build our Chapters with committed people, aka P-I-G-S. These are people who will attend (and engage others) consistently, give referrals regularly and continually seek to bring guests to the meeting.

If you are looking for “pigs” to include in the Chapter, the best place to start is with yourself. After all, the easiest way to get the commitment of others is to commit yourself first.

Remember, while a mere contribution is nice, if you want a great Chapter you need to become a “pig’ and then encourage others to do the same.

The Friend Card

One of the great things about AmSpirit Business Connections is that members tend to become great friends. Mind you, these people represent a variety of businesses or professions and these individuals, for the most part, did not know one another before they got involved. When they become great friends, they establish a heightened sense of “know, like and trust,” which is the required foundation for the productive exchange of quality referrals.

One of the bad things about AmSpirit Business Connections is that members tend to become great friends. You see, for Chapters to become and remain productive, members need to be accountable and reliable to one another.

From time to time, however, some of these fellow members stray from this necessary standard (they do not attend meetings … they do not settle their financial obligations to the Chapter … they consistently arrive late or leave early … they are excessively disruptive … they fail to give referrals).

When they stray, it is difficult to confront these great friends with these transgressions.

To keep a productive Chapter, however, you need to address these matters (as difficult as it might be). If you don’t, you will lose money. It will not be abrupt or immediate, like losing a wallet or having a client sever a relationship. Nevertheless, these transgressions will impact you financially.

You see, in time your Chapter will generate less referrals (some of which would have been for you). In time your Chapter will lose committed members, disenchanted with the inequity (meaning less people to generate referrals for you). And in time, guests will become more and more reluctant to become part of the Chapter (further limiting your opportunities).

As such, if you do not confront the transgressions, you will lose money. So friendship aside, you must be committed to tackle any deviation from the AmSpirit Business Connections’ standard for accountability and reliability.

When you do, however, you might have a fellow member who, in demeanor and word, effectively says, “Hey, we’re friends aren’t we? So what’s the big deal? Turn a blind eye towards my transgressions.” They are playing the “Friend” card. In short, they are attempting to pit your friendship against the best interests of the Chapter.

At this moment, remember you have a “Friend” card too. It effectively says, “Hey, we’re friends aren’t we? If so, then as a friend you will do all you can to uphold the standards of this Chapter, because if you don’t you are costing all of us money. And a great friend would not do that, would they?”

Remember, for Chapters to become and remain productive, members need to be accountable and reliable to one another. If this does not happen, everyone loses. Thus, as a member looking to ensure that a great environment persists in AmSpirit Business Connections, you need to do all you can, including playing your “Friend” card.