AmSpirit Rx (Table Networking)

Sometimes the protocol at an event calls for you to sit at a table. In this situation, your first move should be to listen and learn what you can from those sitting with you. Then at the appropriate moment, start into the conversation by asking questions to draw out others. Doing this, you will always be perceived as interesting and no one will consider you as monopolizing the conversation.

Convert Some Social Capital Into Cash

We would like (and are willing to pay for) your assistance in identifying and meeting suitable franchisee candidates for our popular structured professional networking program.

If interested, we would ask that you please connect us with those in your network that would be interested in our franchise opportunity. Should someone you introduce us to qualify and become a franchisee of AmSpirit Business Connections, we will pay you 40% of the $10,000 initial franchise fee – or $4,000.

AmSpirit Business Connections organizes and supports groups of entrepreneurs, sales representatives and professionals, called Chapters, that meet each week to participate in a structured meeting format where they learn about each other, develop professional relationships and exchange referrals.

The AmSpirit Business Connections franchise opportunity is unique in that it is…

Affordable…Most everyone who qualifies can be successfully operating an AmSpirit Business Connections franchise for an initial investment of well less than $12,000, which makes this one of the most affordable franchise opportunities available.

Professional…We designed our structured networking program to service business exclusively, which allows our franchisees to network with and consult highly qualified entrepreneurs, sales representatives and professionals.

Synergistic…Our structured networking program only operates a couple hours each day, this franchise opportunity dovetails nicely with (as well as helps build) our franchisees’ current professional endeavor.

If you would be interested in participating in this program…profiting by helping AmSpirit Business Connections identify and meet suitable franchisee candidates…please respond or contact me, AmSpirit Business Connections’ founder and President, Frank Agin ( In summary, this program allows you to convert some social capital into cash.

For information on franchise opportunities with AmSpirit Business Connections, visit:

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AmSpirit Business Connections … We Mean Business!

AmSpirit Rx (Are You Selling or Networking?)

When you interact with others are you selling or networking? Good question, huh? How do you know? What is the difference? Simple!

Sales is the simple act of taking away someone’s pain or providing them pleasure based on the goods or services you have to offer.

Networking is the noble act of taking away someone’s pain or providing them pleasure by any means available … information, contacts, or encouragement. Whatever you can do to add value to their life.


Everyday something great happens in your life. Remember that. And everyday something disappointing happens in your life. Know that. More importantly, try to celebrate both. You should celebrate the great things because they take you to new heights. But you should also (somehow) celebrate the disappointments as well. Without them, the great things would not seem as great.

AmSpirit Rx (DIAGRAM IT!)

Take the time to create a visual representation of your network. Using a single sheet of paper, write your name in the middle and then draw lines representing the major spokes of your network, such as family, business, friends, and civic associations for starters. On each branch indicate the key individuals in each of these major areas. This will provide you with a greater awareness of the resources you have available to you.

How Much Does Your Chapter Care?

It’s interesting to visit various AmSpirit Business Connections chapters and see how different they really are. Ideally, your experience as a visitor should be the same no matter which AmSpirit chapter you visit. I was reading a new book this evening that I just purchased, “The Little Big Things: 163 Ways to Pursue Excellence” and in just the first few pages I was inspired to compare the content in the book to AmSpirit Chapters.In the first few sections, the book details how successful restaurants almost always have the same thing in common: spotless, clean-as-you-can-possibly-get, restrooms. They pay attention to the little details to provide a great experience for their customers.What about your AmSpirit Chapter? What little things does your Chapter do to make it a great experience for your guests? (That is, if you have guests coming on a frequent basis, but that’s another story for another day.)

  1. Do you have a sign in sheet for your guests to register their contact info so that you have a tracking process in place for your membership chair to follow up easily?
  2. Do your members arrive early so that they can meet guests and make them feel welcomed before the meeting begins?
  3. Do you follow an agenda for the meeting so that your chapter is organized?
  4. Do your chapter officers provide their weekly reports in detail or do they often say ‘no report’ or give it little attention like ‘I’m the Secretary, I track referrals, back to you Mr. Vice President’?
  5. Do your members stay afterward to talk with guests and ask them if they have any questions about the chapter or the organization?
  6. Does your chapter get involved in the area wide events offered every month by AmSpirit HQ (MORE meetings) or other Chapter Socials? Does your chapter promote your socials on the AmSpirit web site?
  7. Do you as a member make an effort to get out to other chapters to meet other AmSpirit members and see how you can help one another?
  8. If you see a member struggling to give or receive referrals do you make a point to approach them in order to offer help?
I’m sure there are other ‘little things’ that I could list here but this is a great start. When you have a chapter doing none of these things or very few of them, you might as well hang a sign outside your meeting space that says, “We Don’t Care”.

AmSpirit Rx (Explore Their Passion)

Instead of the customary question, “What do you do?” consider asking, “What do you LOVE to do?” According to Susan Jeffers, in her book Dare To Connect, this offers a better picture of the inside of the person instead of their outer role.

AmSpirit Rx (Don’t Be A Zero)

Here is a simple mathematical fact: zero times any other number equals zero.

We can easily analogize that mathematical fact to your success in business like this …

All your accumulated knowledge … all your certifications and designations … and all your experiences will amount to nothing unless you are not committed to developing strong relationships with others.

Be it bosses, colleagues or subordinates … clients, vendors or competitors … civic officials, charitable leaders or volunteer coordinators. If you commit to having a great relationships with those around you, you cannot help but be successful.

Here is the great secret to business success that rarely even gets a mention with Harvard MBA’s: People only do business with … people only associate with … people only serve to advance those that they KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST.

Think about it. Others will NOT support you unless they KNOW you (and you do not support others unless you know them). Other will NOT support you if they do not LIKE you (and you do not support others unless you like them). And, others will NOT support you unless they TRUST you (and you do not support others unless you trust them). These three elements – know, like, and trust – are the building blocks of great relationships.

The bottom line is this: If you want business success, then focus on your relationships with others. In short, when it comes to coming out on top in the business world – whether in corporate America or small business America – Relationships are everything. Focus on them … don’t be a zero.

AmSpirit Rx (Network Anywhere; Network Everywhere)

Check out the latest Business Connector Quarterly from AmSpirit Business Connections. The Spring Quarterly provides insights on how networking should not just be limited to networking functions or gatherings. Any and all interactions with others (whether it be in person, on-line, or over the phone), are networking opportunities.