Tune Into All Of This

Tom Anderson, Central Ohio Director and founder of Excelleweb, often asks AmSpirit Business Connections members, “Do you have cable television?” Most indicate they do. He then asks, “Do you only watch one channel?”

That usually generates an odd look and perhaps a chuckle or two. After all, with literally hundreds of programs on cable, it would be utterly silly to limit oneself to a single channel when there is a plethora of viewing options.

Tom will then ask, “If it is ludicrous to subscribe to cable television and only watch one channel, then why would you get into AmSpirit Business Connections and limit yourself with respect to all it has to offer?” That is a great question and it usually generates silent contemplation.

AmSpirit Business Connections is the networking equivalent of a full cable package. Certainly, the main line up is your weekly Chapter meeting. If you limit yourself to that, however, you are simply not getting your money’s worth. Beyond this one activity, consider all the networking options over the course of a typical month in AmSpirit Business Connections …

  • There is informal networking before and after Chapter meetings;
  • There is visiting other Chapters and attending socials (both your Chapter’s and others);
  • There are lunch assignments through your Chapter and ones you can organize on your own (with members both inside and outside your Chapter);
  • There are area wide events, Leadership Conferences and brown bag learning opportunities; and,
  • There is simply connecting with a fellow member on the telephone or e-mail (whether near or far).

In closing, remember AmSpirit Business Connections will not change your life … but you can change your life through AmSpirit Business Connections by tuning into of all it has to offer.