318) 80,000 People

80,000 People

Eighty thousand people. That’s eight and four zeroes. Brian Miller, author, speaker and TEDx magician, read that over your lifetime this is how many people you’ll meet and interact with.

At first, Miller didn’t believe that figure. So, he did the math. It came out to about three new people each day of your life. He didn’t believe that either. So, he started to pay close attention. Soon Miller was convinced.

Then he pondered a question to himself: “Will I use those opportunities today to make my life, and the lives of the people I meet, better? The answer he had was less than positive. That became a life-changing moment, which he details in his book Three New People.

But you can consider that question, too. What are you doing with the people that come into your life each day? Are they just squandered opportunities? Or, are you capitalizing on building new relationships? Perhaps that question can be life changing for you too.