197) A Million Dollars Is Hanging In The Balance

How would you conduct yourself if a million dollars were hanging in the balance? In other words, if you knew that a contact or business encounter would lead to a seven-figure payday, how would you act? What would you say? Who would you be?

You’d certainly be professional and on time. You would be attentive, courteous, and reverent. In short, you’d put forth the very best version of yourself.

Guess what? In every moment of every day and with every encounter, a million dollars is hanging in the balance. It’s true. That meeting with the new client? Absolutely. The vendor making a delivery? You bet. That “cold” call that interrupts your day? Yep!

You see, with every encounter you’re dealing with at least one other. And that “one other” knows countless more. Over time, this builds to a very real potential of a seven-figure payday. So, act accordingly. A millions dollars is hanging in the balance.

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