Member Offers Home Buyers Seminar

Criterium LiskayArt Wickerham, Professional Engineer, with Criterium Liszkay Engineers and member of the Reynoldsburg Chapter of AmSpirit Business Connections is offering a free Home Buyers Seminar.

Wickerham will teach home buyers those basics in a free seminar offered in May. The seminar is presented in two parts. Part one will be presented on two dates, May 7th and 9th; part two being offered on two dates, May 14th and 16th. (Attendees will choose one date for each, part one and part two.) Each session begins at 7:00 PM and lasts one and a half hours. The seminars will be held in the East Main Professional Building, 5300 East Main Street., Suite 203, Columbus, OH 43213. The seminar is free, but seating is limited. Call Miriam at 614-418-7200 to make a reservation.

Art can be reached at (614) 418-7200 or via email at

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Why Would You Not?

Within AmSpirit Business Connections, we empower and encourage our Chapters to follow a system. The meeting has a structure. Officers have defined roles and scripted text. There is well-established performance tracking and reporting of activity,

including referrals, guests brought and attendance.

Those Chapters that closely follow the system do much better than Chapters that tends to “wing it.” In plain English, members in Chapters that follow the system consistently generate more and better referrals and as a result, they make more money from their AmSpirit Business Connections experience as compared to members in Chapter that loosely follow the system.

Given this, why (why, why) would a Chapter not choose to do all it could to closely adhere to the system?

NOTE: A great test as to how closely a Chapter adheres to the system is the Outstanding Chapter program criteria.

Networking For Leads

Need a good source for Franchise leads? Frank Agin (Networking Expert) says, “Look no further than your own network of contacts”.

In Part 1 of our series: Networking for Franchise Leads, we had a chance to talk with Frank Agin (Founder of AmSpirit Business Connections). AmSpirit is a Franchise that brings entrepreneurs, sales agents & professionals together to help them with growing a successful business through networking.

LISTEN in to this session to between John Henning (Verified Franchise Leads) and Frank Agin to learn what you can do to start networking effectively & efficiently for Franchise leads.


Another Networking Guide

Whether you consider it an epiphany or wonderful refresher, it is always nice to stumble upon a brief overview of effective networking practices. From the other side of the pond (so to speak), UK Mark Asquith, co-owner and marketing director at DMSQD, gives insight into how to make the most of networking opportunities. Read on…

AmSpirit Member mentioned in Busines First Best Lawyers in Central Ohio

AmSpirit Business Connections member Gary Batke (B2B Focus Chapter) is a member of Bailey Cavalieri, LLC, was named in Business First’s Best Lawyers in Central Ohio Labor and Employment Lists.  Gary has successfully represented public and private employers of all sizes with respect to labor and employment matters which include harassment litigation, restrictive covenant litigation, wrongful discharge and employment discrimination litigation, union representational matters, collective bargaining negotiations, arbitration hearings, OSHA and prevailing wage matters, and wage-hour disputes.  He also regularly counsels and assists employers regarding a wide range of workplace issues, including policies, contracts, discipline, misconduct investigations, discharge, loss prevention, best practices and management training.  He has published numerous articles on Employment Law, is a member of several organizations and is very active in his community.  Gary can be reached at 614-229-3262 or via email at

Become A Pig … Networking Group Commitment


If you consider a good breakfast – a “bacon-n-eggs” breakfast – there are two farm animals providing for the meal … a chicken and a pig. Of the two, which has a bigger participation? Answer: The pig.

No doubt, the chicken “contributes” to the feast, as she provides the eggs. The pig, however, is “all in,” giving its very life for the spread.

Attorney, David Jackson, of the Business Affinity Chapter and partner at the firm of Carlisle, Patchen & Murphy, uses this quick anecdote as a means for making a point to his Chapter. Jackson reminds his fellow members that if they want a great Chapter, they need to build the Chapter with “pigs” – totally committed entrepreneurs, sales representatives and professionals.

This is a great lesson for everyone in AmSpirit Business Connections. In the context of this little fable, to create great Chapters we should all strive to build our Chapters with committed people, aka P-I-G-S. These are people who will attend (and engage others) consistently, give referrals regularly and continually seek to bring guests to the meeting.

If you are looking for “pigs” to include in the Chapter, the best place to start is with yourself. After all, the easiest way to get the commitment of others is to commit yourself first.

Remember, while a mere contribution is nice, if you want a great Chapter you need to become a “pig’ and then encourage others to do the same.

AmSpirit Member Receives Affiliate of the Year 2012


Heritage chapter  has an outstanding member in  Sherry B. Long.  She is the managing member of the Hilliard office and a partner in Great American Title Agency.  Sherry is active in many organizations and she has been recognized for contributing many hours of service to the Madison County Area Realtors Association.  Realtors and affiliates sponsored many programs in the Madison county area. The realtors and affiliates join together in a Realtor Care Day
at different facilities in the county. At the Arbors of London they helped clean the grounds and planted trees. The nursing home was in need of a grill. Sherry and Karen Mitcham, Concord Mortgage Group, saw the need and bought the nursing home a grill.  Both are members of the Heritage Chapter. Congratulations to Sherry B. Long as Affiliate of the Year 2012.

Breakfast With Business First

Breakfast with Business First

Breakfast with Business FirstNetwork with hundreds of business professionals (and many members of AmSpirit Business Connections) and meet the Columbus Business First staff. For more information or to register go to

Date and Time
Friday, March 8, 2013 7:00 AM
Starr Columbus
301 Obetz Road
Columbus, Ohio 43207
Additional Details
Cost: FREE To Attend