In My Petticoat: Member Publishes A Book

Linda Hutchison, with Andrews Moving & Storage and a member of the Heritage Chapter of AmSpirit Business Connections, has written and published a book, entitled “In My Petticoat: A Touch of Insanity.”

In this book, Linda wants to change how society views those afflicted by mental illness through her compelling memoir, as she shares her struggles with her son’s mental illness. Her story isn’t just about mental illness, but rather a story about survival against all odds. Currently, the book is available at, but it will eventually be available on Amazon and Kindle.

In addition to the release of this book, Linda’s work and editorials have appeared countless times in the Columbus Dispatch. The first official book signing will be in the City of Vandalia at the Park and Recreation Center at 1111 Stonequarry Road on February 18, from 9 am to 3 pm.  She is also scheduled at the University of Denver for a presentation on April 18 and 19 as well at Columbus State Community College in there next quarter. Finally, she is working on setting up book signings in and around Columbus, as soon as the book is available at retailers. You can reach Linda at

Former Member of the Port Columbus Chapter Named Businessperson of the Year

Bill Bishop, former member of the Port Columbus Chapter of AmSpirit Business Connections was named businessperson of the year by Westerville Chamber of Commerce. As president and CEO of Associated Insurance Agencies Inc. Bill was recognized for integrity and fairness in both his individual and professional life. To read more CLICK HERE.

AmSpirit Business Connections Founder Contributed Response On The Biggest Networking Mistakes

Frank Agin, AmSpirit Business Connections founder and president, recently contributed a response to a question the Global Networking Council posed on LinkedIn — What Is The Biggest Networking Mistakes? His answer was one of 20 selected in the GNC’s latest blog post, which can be viewed at

Arlington Chapter Member Nominated

Superlawyers Magazine named Darren A. McNair, Esq. (of McNair Petroff, LLC and member of the Arlington Chapter of AmSpirit Business Connections) a “Rising Star” in the field of Family Law for 2011.  All nominations were made by peers and only 35 attorneys in the State of Ohio were named Rising Stars in Family Law. Darren can be reached at (614) 222-4288 or via email at

The Power of Focus. The New Way to Get Results

Do you feel like you are chasing the customer or client? Find out how to let others know what you stand for, read  Hall of Fame Chapter member Ron Finklestein’s blog post: The Power of Focus. The New Way to Get Results.

You can reach Ron at (330) 990-0788 or via email at

The White Knight

Wouldn’t this be great? You meet that person who just reeks of success at a networking event (or just out-and-about). After a short conversation, you hit it off and this person takes you under their wing – feeding you all sorts of great business referrals, valuable information and wonderful business contacts.

Admit it, when you head out amongst others, this is a hope. Here is the reality: Everyone has this same aspiration – a white knight coming along to rescue them from the struggles of business (and there are lots of struggles in business).

So if everyone is busy looking (or at least, hoping) for the White Knight, no one is actually the White Knight. Hmmm? Sort of makes you feel silly, huh?

Now, none of this is to suggest that you stop networking or attending networking events. It does suggest that you ought to stop looking (or hoping) for the White Knight.

But here is a thought, rather than looking for the White Knight, why not become the White Knight? Think about it. When you head out to the next networking event (or whenever), rather than looking for something, be the one giving it. Focus on being the source of great referrals. Share valuable business information. Be the connector of business contacts.

Do you know what the neat things are about this change of approach? First, you set yourself apart. As everyone else is looking for the White Knight, you are the White Knight. That makes you unique and special.

Second, as everyone else is looking for a White Knigh, they are in reality looking for you. Sounds neat, huh? And if you consistently carry this persona, in time you become known as “that special person” and then everyone wants to meet you.

Finally, as you serve your role as the White Knight (providing referrals, information and contacts), you inspire others to want to give back to you – referrals, information and contacts. You see, as humans we are hardwired to help those who are helping us. So as you help others, they are compelled by tens of thousands of years of conditioning to help you in return. In essence, as a White Night you will ultimately get what you were hoping for when you were trying to find one.

So next time you venture to that networking event (or any time you are interacting with others), throw shoulders back, raise your chin and embark upon it with heroic confidence. You are here to say the day. Find someone and make their day. Remember you are the White Knight.

B2B Focus Chapter Member Ranks in Annual Book of Lists

AmSpirit Business Connections  member Jonathan Holfinger (B2B Focus Chapter) is an owner of Arrow Title Agency, which Business First ranked in its annual Book of Lists as the ninth largest Title Agencies by 2010 revenue. Jonathan can be reached at (614) 423-4660 or via email at

Becoming Interesting

Do you long to be considered an interesting person by most anyone you meet? Who wouldn’t? Average people are soon forgotten. Interesting people seem to be indelibly etched on the minds of those they meet.

Interesting people are the ones people look forward to encountering. Interesting people tend to generate more support (which would include business referrals) from those around them, as compared to that average person (um … what was his name?).

The key to becoming that interesting person, however,  has very little with what you have to say. So put away your word-of-the-day book. Do not worry another moment about the eloquence of your elevator speech. Stop searching for that memorable story that casts you in positive light.

Becoming interesting is a function of getting the other person talking about themselves. Counterintuitive as that may seem, it is that simple: question; then listen … question again; listen some more … question further; listen on.

Everyone has a story. They have a professional story. They have a personal story. They have a story of their past. Not only do they have a story, but they love to tell it. Furthermore, they have a secret affinity towards the person who coaxes these stories out of them and truly listens (so secret they may not even realize it themselves).

So before you head to that next networking event (or any gathering of business professionals), prepare yourself with series of questions intended to get the other person talking. Such as …

  • What do you do? How long have you been doing it? How did you become interested in that?
  • What are some of the projects or assignments you are currently working on?
  • Outside of work, what occupies your time? Family? Hobbies? Interests? Activities?

Work through these lines of questioning (or something similar) and then listen. As you do, listen for look for areas of common interest or connection. Share something and then ask another question and listen on with genuine interest.

As you do this, you will see them beam with enthusiasm. When this happens, know this: Inside they will think of you as a wonderfully interesting person.

For an electronic copy of the AmSpirit Business Connections conversation primer, Converse click here. If you would like a copy of this in convenient pocket-sized mini tri-fold, send an e-mail to with your physical address and we will send you one via first class U.S. mail.