The Body Leads The Mind

Your mind controls your body. When you are happy, you smile. When you are sad, you pout. When you are confident, you throw back your shoulders and hold your head high. None of this is news.

What may be news, however, is that as much as your mind controls your body, your body can control your mind. How so, you ask.

Try this exercise … Sit in a chair, slouch your shoulders, and hang your head. Holding that position, try to be happy. Try to smile. Try to think happy thoughts. It’s tough. You can do it for a moment, but you simply cannot be happy for an extended period sitting in that position.

Now try this … Stand up, clench your fists, and hold them over your head in celebration. Holding that position, try to be depressed. Try to pout. Try to feel sorry for yourself. Near impossible, huh? Again, you can push forth a depressing thought, but you cannot hold it.
You see, your body and mind are hard wired, in a sense, to work together. Years of evolution and development has conditioned your body to mimic thoughts in your mind (happy = smile). That same shaping, has conditioned your mind to follow what your body is doing.

What this empowers you to do is control your mood. If you want feelings of happiness, force a smile. Your mind will follow suit, pumping out powerful mood enhancing hormones. If you want to be confident but not quite sure of the situation, no problem. Stand up, throw back your shoulders, and push out that chest. Your mind will take that cue and fill you with confidence.

Yes, your mind your body, but your body also has control of your mind, in particular your attitude and mood. So, act out how you want to feel, and soon you will start to feel the way you are acting.


Your Networking Creates An Asset

Your life is comprised of various assets. There is physical capital such as money, investments, homes, cars and other belongings. There is human capital, such as your ability to work, think and do things. And there is social capital, which the invisible benefit that your network  provides.

Know this, when you network, it is not an expense of your time. Do not think of it in those terms. Certainly some networking is more productive than others, but understand that any networking is an investment

. Prospecting: An Investment.

 Attending An Event: An Investment.

 Volunteering: An Investment.

 Socializing: An Investment.

 Think about networking as a component of building your personal wealth. When you network, you build value in your life. So get out and network. As you do, feel as if your net worth is growing… because it is.

Social Network of People

Networking: What Is It Really?

Networking Works. It may not work exactly how you want … It may not work exactly when you want … It may not work exactly where you want. But it works.

The first step to making it work for you, however, is understanding what it really is. A working definition for networking is

“Two or more people working towards their mutual benefit.”

Networking is helping and being helped by others, and nothing more.

Given that definition, the universe of potential networking is very broad. The universe does include prospecting and selling, but it is much bigger than that. It also includes, servicing clients, attending events, volunteering, and, even socializing.

In fact, successful networking is something you need to focus on every waking moment. It is not something born out of the 80’s, 90’s or new millennium… It has been part of life since the human existence.

It has been part of everything in your life. Not just finding jobs or getting clients more than getting promotions. It is also (but not limited to) finding a golf league, spouse, and babysitter (and not always in that order). Networking is nothing more than humans interacting and somehow working together to survive and prosper.